She wears the trousers


They’re all yours baby

Toes out Tuesday !


On Erotic Benevolence.

My adorable follower shakespearandcacti submitted this photo, which reminds me of the erotic benevolence sensual Dominants often display when enjoying a delightful submissive.  

My body runs hot.  Constantly.  This has great sensual appeal if I invite a girl under the covers with me.  However, if a girl runs cold, it can present a dilemma when I require her to be naked and collared in my presence.  

This presents me with the loving challenge of keeping a girl warm and craving while enjoying my pleasures as I wish.  Enter creative thinking and erotic benevolence.  Leggings can be a perfect way to warm her, while accentuating her ass in the most erotic way, as she waits on all fours.

I generally plan on warming her ass up soon enough, anyway.

PS - Please keep your follower photo submissions coming.  I edit your submissions to black and white, enhance your presentation, and I am happy to keep you anonymous if you like.  Be daring!  Come dance on the fringe.

Caption © Fringe of Darkness, 2013
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peeks between the stacks

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I look cute today <3

oh yes, you certainly do.

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