She wears the trousers


Never gets old.

Always a reblog! But my favourite scene is where she checks her bottom in the toilet after the spanking

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Woah I am not who did this what I need more

For fucksake would you warn me?!

What the fuck is this? *wailing*

Re-reblogging this because I need it today.

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Anonymous asked: Great blog! Please diversify a bit: black women and white men, white women dominating black women. Thanks.

Thanks for the compliment. However, I’m not a public service broadcaster. I post what appeals to me. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for you to start a blog that I’m sure would have wide appeal. I don’t see many of the pictures you would like on my dash. I guess I’m just not following the right people.

Anonymous asked: Fit, not skinny, white women's legs in stockings and heels - oh my!

Yes, that’s pretty much what I post. Is that what you like or are you criticising?

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Who says you have to wear fetish gear in order to discipline your man?

I can imagine he’ll have earned himself another punishment if there’s even the hint of some precum on the carpet.

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Make him clean your juices off his face dildo after you are satisfied.

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What? Is pantyhouse some kind of home where everyone gets to wear pretty panties? I’d say yes to that too!


I understand you have a desire to serve. Well I have a desire to,inflict pain. I’ll trade you an hour’s foot worship and my shoe to cum into for one hundred strokes of the crop. I need your decision in the next ten seconds or back in the cage it goes.


superior comes in all shapes and sizes.  

A Mistress is superior regardless of shape or size. Even if her taste in furniture is not all it could be. He’s lucky to be allowed in the house and he certainly won’t be allowed to sit on the furniture.

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