She wears the trousers

His monthly treat evening was going just fine

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As much as she ever let him see. And he loved her for that.

What do you mean it smarts a little? What did you expect, the feeling of soft cotton?

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Every home needs a bidet

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Whatever Miss Hunter chose to give him, his gratitude was unending. The mere fact that she acknowledged his existence gave him a deep sense of contentment in his life.

A whole new mindset was developed that day

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It’s not the boots that turn me on, its knowing that those nylon covered feet have been in them all day

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Hell yes!

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First world porn problems

Please stop with the multiple gif posts that just clog up my iPhone. Come on guys, the screen freezes and then I end up unintentionally copying and saving images all over the place.


Probably won’t be the last time either.


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Sorry, can’t stop myself from reblogging every time I see this picture

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